Vertical pivot gate -K300

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Detailed product Description


Input Volatage:

AC 220V 

Motor power  :


IP rating:


Insluation grade:


Operating temperature:  


Environmental humHumidity  


Motor type:

Brushless motor

Colors :

Red /Orange/Customized    

Main Features :

  1. 1. The motor is characterized by high efficiency, large torque, safety, energy saving, stability and reliability.

  2. 2. Various control methods: a variety of methods (e.g. onboard button, four-wire control box, external terminal and RS485 communication), can be employed.

  3. 3. The pressure wave, infrared column, loop detector and other protective devices can be added to improve safety.

  4. 4. The motor overheat protection system makes it effectively control the temperature of the motor, when working frequently.

  5. 5. In the cold areas, the thermostat can be added to make the motor work normally



Electrical Specification
 Input Voltage AC 220V
 Motor Power 400W
 Motor RPM 400r/min
 Operating Temperature -40°C to 80°C
 Environmental Humidity <90%
 Insulation Grade E
 IP Rating IP44
 Wireless Remote Distance 50m(Empty Space)     
 Weight (KG) 50KG
 Ground Clearance of Arm (mm)      800


         1. Drive Motor is warranted against manufacturer’s defect for lifetime 
         2. Standard warranty for all components is valid for 12 months from the date of delivery 
         3. This warranty does not include damages caused by:
               a. Wear and Tear 
               b. Theft
               c. Accidents
               d. Act of God & Natural Disaster
               e. Unstable power supply (i.e. inconsistent voltage or lightning) 

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