Flap Barrier Gate -HTY01

>    LED Direction indicators

>    Selectable operating modes- single directional, bi-directional

>    IP 54  Ingress Protection rating

>    Anti-collision, anti-Reverse, anti-intrusion, anti-trailing 

>    Infrared sensor to prevent pinch pedestrians

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Detailed Product Description:

  Brand Name:  HongMen  Model:  HTY01
  Dimension:  1410*330*1044mm  Pathway width:  670mm
  Main material:  SUS304  Flap material:  Reinforced glass
  Power supply:  AC 220V,±10%  Power rating:  200W
  Input voltage:  DC 24V  Peak current:  1.8A
  Opening Speed:  0.6s  Operating Speed:  30 Persons/min

Main Features: 

Within direction indicator to show the current status of the passage to pedestrians, guide pedestrians to pass correctly and quickly.

Using several pairs of infrared sensors to prevent pedestrians from illegally entering the passage, protecting pedestrians from passing the passage smoothly and preventing trailing functions.

Within automatic reset function, after reading the card, if the pedestrian does not pass within the time specified by the system, the system automatically cancels the permission of this pass, and the reset time value can be set online.

It can be expanded into an automatic identification system to realize functions such as access control, attendance, and charges.

DC Motor, brand drive module, runs smoothly, low noise.

Equipped with standard input/output signal interface, can be integrated with all types of access control panel, offering complete entrance control solutions.

Flap Barrier has several sensors to detect obstructions during its movement. If an obstruction is detected during closing, the arms wing will stop its movement to prevent the user from being clamped.

Anti-collision function, the flaps will stay close if not receiving the open signal.

Flaps open on power failure. It can be integrated with a Fire alarm system or other alarming signal for emergency.

Pedestrian flow directions can be single or Bi-directional.

Product Specification:


Pathway width:670mm
Power supply:AC 220V,±10%
Input voltage:

DC 24V

Power rating:200W
Peak current:1.8A
Motor:DC servo motor
Operation temperature:-25°C~ 65°C  
Operation humidity:95% (No condensation)
IP rating:IP54
Infrared Sensors:6 Pairs
Passage direction:Single/Bi-directional
Opening speed:0.6s
Opearting speed:30 Persons/min
Lighting effects:Courtesy/lamp/indicator lamp
Communication interface:RS232/RS485/CAN
Main material: SUS304
Flap material:Reinforced glass


         1. Drive Motor is warranted against manufacturer’s defect for lifetime 
         2. Standard warranty for all components is valid for 12 months from the date of delivery 
         3. This warranty does not include damages caused by:
               a. Wear and Tear 
               b. Theft
               c. Accidents
               d. Act of God & Natural Disaster
               e. Unstable power supply (i.e. inconsistent voltage or lightning) 

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