•     Wide range of models to suit various applications like car parking sites, condominiums, toll collection &Industrial entrance

  •     ◆ Available for boom length up to 6 m. Opening up to 12 m can be covered with two barriers 

  •      ◆ Speed 0.7s

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Detailed product Description

Input Volatage:

220V AC ±10%

Motor Power Rating  :


IP Rating:


Insluation Grade:


Operating Temperature:

-30°C~ 60°C 

Environmental HumHumidity  




Colors :

Red /Black/Customized

Main Features :

  1. 1. Stamped by the parts, compact and lightweight, and the motor and reducer are designed conjointly with low noise.

  2. 2. The motor overheat protection system makes it effectively control the temperature of the motor, when working frequently.

  3. 3. Equipped with different arm to meet the needs of different scenarios.

  4. 4. While moving down arm will immediately go back to vertical position once it is obstructed by an imposed force, which protects the vehicle or person not to be hit by boom arm.

  5. 5. In the event of power failure, just open the cabinet and manually control the barrier by a gear mechanism. Also barrier boom can be manually locked in any position between horizontal and vertical, the lock status will remain until unlock manually.

  6. 6. In the cold areas, the thermostat can be added to make the motor work normally

  7. 7. Possess the landing beam delay protection, effectively prevent the limiter from malfunctioning and protect the motor.

  8. 8. The pressure wave, infrared column, loop detector and other protective devices can be added to improve safety.



Electrical Specifications
 Input Voltage220V AC ±10%
 Motor Power100W
 Motor RPM3000r/min
 Operating Temperature-25°C to 60°C
 Environmental Humidity<90%
 Insulation GradeE
 Wireless Remote Distance        50m(Empty Sapce)     
 Weight (KG)30KG
 Ground Clearance of Arm (mm)     850

Optional Arm
TypeMax Length(m)Opening Time(s)Closing Time(S)Ratio(i)
 Straight Arm4.53/4.53/4.5124:1
 Octagon Connect Arm 4.53/4. 3/4.5
 Ellipse Straight Arm4.53/4.53/4.5
 Ellipse Connect Arm  31.51.5

 Ellipse Straight Arm

 (With LED Stripe)
 Round Connect Arm31.51.568:1
 Round Straight Arm3


         1. Drive Motor is warranted against manufacturer’s defect for lifetime 
         2. Standard warranty for all components is valid for 12 months from the date of delivery 
         3. This warranty does not include damages caused by:
               a. Wear and Tear 
               b. Theft
               c. Accidents
               d. Act of God & Natural Disaster
               e. Unstable power supply (i.e. inconsistent voltage or lightning) 

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